No-one can keep up with all the vegan videos and podcasts that are coming out!

I’d love to be able to download a regular sample of vegan content – like the “Best of the Left” podcast, or BBC Radio 4’s “Pick of the Week”. It would gives everyone even remotely interested in vegan stuff a taste of what they might be missing.

I don’t currently have time for another project. But in the hope that someone else will like this idea and run with it, I’m summing up the six things that would, I hope, make this work. Interested? Please say in the comments.

1. Varied

Something with short clips (no longer than five minutes) from different (say three) sources, without going back to the same source too often. (By “source”, I mean a YouTube channel or particular podcast.)

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The Vegan Option

December 7, 2012

We’ve been producing The Vegan Option for over a year, and covered an amazing range of topics – lab meat, judging people, vegan childhoods – and interviewed some really interesting people – Benjamin Zephaniah, Vegan MPs, Peter Singer, Gary Francione.

I’ve come back to say I’ve got no plans to update this site, and to welcome you to The Vegan Option for really interesting radio that just happens to be vegan.

Thank you for sharing my first foray into podcasting, and I hope you’ll join Diana and I at The Vegan Option if you haven’t already.