Pick of the Best of the Vegan Pods (a proposal)

October 29, 2013

No-one can keep up with all the vegan videos and podcasts that are coming out!

I’d love to be able to download a regular sample of vegan content – like the “Best of the Left” podcast, or BBC Radio 4’s “Pick of the Week”. It would gives everyone even remotely interested in vegan stuff a taste of what they might be missing.

I don’t currently have time for another project. But in the hope that someone else will like this idea and run with it, I’m summing up the six things that would, I hope, make this work. Interested? Please say in the comments.

1. Varied

Something with short clips (no longer than five minutes) from different (say three) sources, without going back to the same source too often. (By “source”, I mean a YouTube channel or particular podcast.)

2. Short & frequent

Fifteen minutes every week or two; something that ever vegan podcast listener would want to subscribe to to make sure they didn’t miss anything great.

3. Wide ranging

I’d include YouTube videos (where the audio stands by itself); and the full range of vegan perspectives. (You’d expect that from me). Part of the objective is to introduce people to a wide range of sources; podcasts they might enjoy but hadn’t heard of.  I would include mainstream media featuring veganism now and then as well – such as the NPR or BBC reports on Veganz superstores in Berlin.

4. Curation

The best of the week’s vegan content.

5.  Context

The presenter should tell listeners who is going to be speaking, enough about what they’re talking about to be able to follow the conversation, and then get out of the way. After the taster clip, the presenter should tell the listener where they can get the whole thing.

6. Teamwork

This could work well as a  team project, with a rotating set of presenters.

If you would like to do something like this, mention in the comments: perhaps a team of folk who want to do this will adapt the idea and make it happen :). I’ve deliberately avoided suggesting a title in the hope that whoever carries this forward has a sense of ownership.


One Response to “Pick of the Best of the Vegan Pods (a proposal)”

  1. Tanya Sitton Says:

    Wow, I love the idea! … I’m buried at the moment, but after December things should lighten up at least a bit… I couldn’t take the lead, but might be able to contribute some time in a supportive role, if someone else wanted to get that particular rocket airborne. 🙂

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