Not at the Big Green Gathering because …

July 28, 2009

… it was called off, three days before is started, under threat of an injunction.

I planned to post about how I am going to be presenting on Green Radio 87.7FM, bringing the whole Big Green Gathering festival to every corner of every tent, and how you can even listen to Green Radio online.

But on Sunday the festival organisers called it off under threat of a High Court injunction by the local authority.

The council cite safety and blame the organisers for failing to hand over signed and sealed assurances for things like security and road closures. The festival organisers claim that everything was being constructively resolved, the threatened injunction came as a surprise, and they believe there was a political decision to shut the festival down. Wags on Twitter point out that the first thing the police did after the Big Green Gathering was cancelled for not being able to close roads … was to close roads to stop more people coming to the site. The occasional online comment and the letter from Mendip Council which threatened an injuction both allude to financial problems at the Big Green which follow on from the loss the festival suffered in 2007.


One Response to “Not at the Big Green Gathering because …”

  1. […] angle still has to be finalised, as does the exact reason why the festival was cancelled. I think this blog post best sums up the information that is currently in the public domain, but I’m still hankering […]

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