Should we cover Obama’s Inauguration?

January 3, 2009

The Obama presidency is an amazing story – but US podcasters will already be covering it at length. We could cover it – on the day – from Washington DC. Interested?

I want to share a decision. Verdant Reports will appear only when we can add something to an interesting story.

Putting the first Verdant Report together – and the site – has been really interesting.  I would like to thank folk for the positive comments, for linking to it, and particularly thank friends who gave constructive criticism as well. Around thirty people have heard the report. This is okay for a first podcast, but there are possibly more effective uses of time than producing a regular monthly podcast.

So I will only do one when a particularly interesting topic comes my way. This is good news for you as a listener – if you subscribe to these free audio reports then you will only hear a new one on your MP3 player if it is worth hearing.

For example, I shall be in Washington DC for Barack Obama’s inauguration. The vegans podcasting from the United States will discuss the beginning of the Obama presidency anyway. I could find out what vegans in DC for the inauguration think, but I do not think that you listeners will want yet another audio report about it. If you do want to hear an inauguration-day discussion from Washington DC, speak up by leaving a comment.

It would be nice to team up with an existing podcast, particularly one based outside the UK, supplying a segment which make the podcast as a whole more interesting and varied. If you are a podcaster interested in doing this, please do email me (


One Response to “Should we cover Obama’s Inauguration?”

  1. Bill Says:

    One person did strongly want this, but the final decision was against. I was at the Vegetarian Society of DC where I heard some mixed views about Obama, but nothing to convince me that there was a vegan angle to the new presidency that you would have wanted to hear about.

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