What’s the idea of Verdant Reports?

November 3, 2008

The EPIC Oxford report is a pilot. Please tell me what you think of it.

It’s a short and heavily edited audio report, about and for vegans. This is something new and different. There is plenty of really good internet radio offering vegans lengthy friendly chat (eg Vegan Freaks). This, on the other hand, is very short – less than five minutes – and edited down from over an hour of recordings into something that covers the ground quickly.

The choice of topic shows another big difference. It’s bad news.  A campaigning website would have tried to spin the story to accentuate the health benefits. And campaigns have their place. I won’t say this is citizen journalism, because I think that sounds arrogant. But perhaps I can say that, rather than campaigning, this aspires to journalism.

So what do you think?

What did you like about it, and what did you dislike?

You could leave a comment or email me (billatverdantreports@gmail.com).

Tell me about things you think I should cover too. My ideas include campaigns, subcultures like “straight edge” or the Hebrew Israelites, and personal interest stories around campaigners or animal sanctuaries, as well as a couple of light ribald ideas. But if there’s anything you particularly want to be covered in this format, then I’m all ears.

If you would like to get more, click on the feed link to the right and subscribe in whatever software you use to subscribe to podcasts. (For more information, see a video about subscribing to podcasts, the BBC help pages, or – if you are using iTunes – the iTunes help). It’s an easy way to let me know it’s worth producing more, and any new will be downloaded.

This is an experiment. If lots of people like it, that will be great. If feedback refines the ideas, that will be better. If it goes down like a lead balloon, that’s okay too, because lessons will have been learnt and time can go into other things.




2 Responses to “What’s the idea of Verdant Reports?”

  1. […] (This is a pilot. Your feedback is welcome.) […]

  2. Haim Roitgrund Says:

    Hello Bill.

    Excellent job.

    It was full of important information, laid out clearly and succinctly. It was interesting and fun, too.

    A very promising format.
    Thank you.

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